Brussels : Royal Palace, Coudenberg, Our-Lady-of-the-Sablon Church, Palace of Justice.

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Brussels : A Walk along the Koningsstraat (Rue Royale), from the Park of Brussels to the Palace of Justice

Brussels : Royal Palace

Brussels : Royal Palace.


Brussels : View from the Couterberg.

Brussels : View from the Coudenberg.

Statue of Godfrey of Bouillon (First King of Jeruzalem during the First Crusade),

Statue of Godfrey of Bouillon (First King of Jeruzalem during the First Crusade),
with Church of St. Jacob-on-the-Coudenberg in the background.

Our Lady-of-the-Sablon Church.

Our Lady-of-the-Sablon Church.

Statue of Egmont and Hoorne.

Statue of Egmont and Hoorne.

Dome of the Palace of Justice, Brussels. Under renovation.

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Brussels : A Walk down the Koningsstraat (Rue Royale)


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